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Howard's Sushi

Howard's offers catering services for allyour special events. No event is too big or small for you and your guests to enjoy the highest quality food and service.

If your event is as important as our commitment to you, don't trust your sushi catering needs to start ups, sushi bars trying to supplement income or to chefs working on the side.

Choose Howard's. for our quality products, trained professional staff and 16 years of seafood and sushi catering experience. You can also enjoy the piece of mind knowing we are fully licensed and insured.

To experience the caliber of our chefs and seafood, you are encouraged to visit Howard's Market.

So what's in sushi anyway?

Rolled sushi or "maki-sushi" is prepared by using roasted seaweed and 
rice to roll a wide variety of ingredients.  Rice is layered on the nori and ingredients are added.  The seaweed and rice are rolled to enclose the 
seafood and other ingredients.  All SFC sushi kits will teach you how to 
make quality sushi.

Sushi rolls are generally prepared in three forms.  The large roll or 
maki-sushi uses a whole piece of nori.  The inside-out roll or 
Kawari-maki-sushi uses a half sheet of nori and is prepared with the 
rice on the outside of the roll.  The small roll or Hoso-maki-sushi is 
prepared with a half sheet of nori and generally one ingredient. 

Inside out rolls are often prepared with ingredients such as avocado, 
smelt roe or seafood layered on top of the roll before cutting.  Rolls 
prepared in this manner will also suggest the roll topping in the list 
below.  Some rolls are prepared in both large and inside out form. 

Seafood that is prepared with a sauce is usually cut into small cubes 
prior to mixing.


Howards Market was founded on the principle of customer service and a desire to "exceed" its customers expectations!

Thanks to our people, Howard's remains as one of the best companies to work for in South Florida.

Why? Over 31 years of growth and opportunity, and a track record of excellence.
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