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Quality is freshness . . . leading to the best eating experience. Our strict standards focus on offering only the freshest seafood, taking into consideration size, color and favorable eating qualities.

Core Variety includes seafood procured both locally and from around the world . . . bringing our customers the very best on a regular basis. Each category (shrimp, fillets, steaks, shellfish, lobster, smoked items) contains a core variety year round and is augmented with seasonally available items.

Full Service is available in Seafood. Customers can talk one-on-one with our specialized seafood associates for help in selecting items as well as handling, storage and preparation tips.

Value Added Items are available featuring a number of seafood items that have been prepared with marinades, stuffed, made into salads or are available in soups or stews. These items present new menu opportunities and tremendous convenience.

Howards Market was founded on the principle of customer service and a desire to "exceed" its customers expectations!

Thanks to our people, Howard's remains as one of the best companies to work for in South Florida.

Why? Over 31 years of growth and opportunity, and a track record of excellence.
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