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Fresh Produce"Quality Produce" in the Fresh Produce department is defined by freshness and ripeness. Our specifications are very strict; we refuse any shipment that does not meet our high standards and our Produce professionals are thoroughly trained in how to handle delicate product; from its delivery to the padded baskets used by our cashiers. It all starts with quality and ends with taste!

"Variety" is carrying an abundance of the items you want every day -- tomatoes, lettuce, apples, peppers -- as well as numerous exotic items you may need to create special or new recipes. With one-stop shopping, you can find everything you need right in our store. Now there is no need to go to a "specialty" store for the more unusual ingredients!

"Healthy Living" is fostered with the variety of organically grown items we offer to support a healthy lifestyle.

Customer Information is very important to a customer; they want to know how to select fresh, ripe product and how to properly store that product at home.

Guaranteed Customer Satisfaction is what we strive for in our Fresh Produce department. If you are not completely satisfied with our product please let us know.

Howards Market was founded on the principle of customer service and a desire to "exceed" its customers expectations!

Thanks to our people, Howard's remains as one of the best companies to work for in South Florida.

Why? Over 31 years of growth and opportunity, and a track record of excellence.
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