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The Meat Department

meatQuality in the Meat department means security in the knowledge that every meal our customers prepare for themselves and their families will taste delicious. Customers can depend on the quality of all of our meats.

Signature Products:

Howards Inspirations Angus-
certified USDA Choice beef from specially selected Angus cattle. It is guaranteed to be tender, juicy and tasty every time. It has the superior rich, beefy flavor found in the finest steak houses.

Howards Pork-
exceptionally lean pork products designed to meet the needs of health conscious consumers. It has been certified by the American Heart Association. It has up to 61% less fat than comparable samples of traditional fresh pork - many cuts are actually leaner than chicken. Because it is internally lean, it cooks 15%-20% faster than traditional pork.

Howards USDA Choice Beef-
USDA grades Choice beef of higher quality than Select. Choice beef offers a fuller, richer flavor and provides a more consistently satisfying eating experience for consumers who like to prepare their steaks and roasts medium to well-done.

custom cutButcher Shop , a full-service butcher case available in some of our stores, provides customers with the added benefit of talking one-on-one with a professional, knowledgeable meat associate who can assist them in selecting items and offer advice on cooking techniques.

Other Products available in the Meat department include free-range/organic chicken, Howards chicken, lamb, and veal.

Special Request by our customers for specific items or cuts are welcomed. Our knowledgeable meat professional is prepared to assist.

Guaranteed Customer Satisfaction is what we strive for in our Meat departments. If you are not completely satisfied with our product, we offer a "Money Back" guarantee on all of our perishable items.

Howards Market was founded on the principle of customer service and a desire to "exceed" its customers expectations!

Thanks to our people, Howard's remains as one of the best companies to work for in South Florida.

Why? Over 20 years of growth and opportunity, and a track record of excellence.
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